AGE VINTAGE is a well-established reality (in its small size) in vintage fashion

It was born in 2016 by an intuition of the founder who saw, above all as regards bags and accessories, a possibility of their reuse and, therefore, of their new marketing on the market to give them a "new life". The original project has undergone few changes in its workflow, gradually improving ever more until today, where an increasing number of customers and curious (both first-person and web) has made it necessary to create a Own site to play, promote and continue your business. Several platforms have been hosted by our online store until the current site is opened, or
The main goal of AGE VINTAGE is to revive the items and accessories not only vintage (also second-hand) but to carry out a careful selection of items to make sure to always offer items of always very high quality To our broad public. Yes, therefore, prefer to have only one of our famous catalogs (eg GUCCI, PRADA, YVES SAINT LAUREN ECC ...) or anyway of a certain caliber (ALVIERO MARTINI, LIU JO, COCCINELLE etc ...) among our catalogs.
Our catalogs are regularly up to date and stocked with new items and our staff is always online to answer your questions, either on the site or at this address: or at Tel: 08118817696