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Free your Closet

Many don't know it but our wardrobes contain a treasure! Open it and stop your gaze for 10 seconds on its content and you will immediately discover that as many as 70% of the things you see are things you don't make any use of. The time has therefore come to free up your closet and make room for new, current and fashionable things. Here we come into play, in those 10 seconds you focused on you will have become aware that that 70% made up of designer shoes, used designer clothes and used designer bags can turn into real money! What are you waiting for? Free the wardrobe, open your mind and rely on industry experts like us at AgeVintage!

Buy or Sell your signed used!

From AgeVintage you can buy your designer bag, designer used clothes, your designer fashion shoes with very little money! On our portal you can also find discounts and reserved offers. Go to our store in Frattamaggiore (Naples) to sell your things in the "Mercatino dell'Usato" format, exhibit for free and at the sale you can collect your refund. AgeVintage also evaluates the direct purchase with cash payment of your designer bag that you no longer use and that with the proceeds you can buy a new trendy one! The brands we are looking for are: Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Fendi, Ferragamo, Stella McCartney, etc. Contact those who have been in the sector for over twenty years, all our items are original and well kept, we are at your disposal for the free evaluation of your designer bag and you will be free to opt for consignment or direct sale.

We are in Frattamaggiore (Na) in Corso Durante, 290; phone and whatsapp 08118817696